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1st March 2015

Field trips

Jarðfeingi will arrange two fieldtrips, one pre- and one post-conference.

The pre-conference field trip:
Geology of the Faroe Islands Basalt Group (FIBG)

The Faroe Island Basalt Group (FIBG) exhibits numerous beautiful exposures of typical geological features related to Large Igneous Provinces and Flood basalts and the opening of the North Atlantic Ocean.

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The post-conference field trip:
8th May
This field trip will highlight the large scale geological variations in the Faroe Island Basalt Group (FIBG) set in relation to the observed geophysical heterogeneities. The architecture of the various lava flow types will be studied in the field, and short talks on the geophysical interpretations of these, based on scientific onshore wells, will be given on site.

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Tree mould in a basaltic lava flow.
Scenic view in the northern part of Islands.
Fan shaped columns on Suðuroy.
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