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Important dates:
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1st March 2015

Conference Themes

• Origin of Large Igneous Provinces
• Emplacement Processes
• Timing of events
• Geochemical evolution of basaltic Provinces


2nd Jóannes Rasmussen Conference


Monday, 4th May 2015

08:30-17:00           Pre-conference Fieldtrip to the Central and North-Eastern Islands

                                 Pickup at Hotel Føroyar 08:30 and at Hotel Tórshavn 08:40

18:30-20:00           Ice-breaker Reception at Sirkus Bar (Vágsbotn)


Tuesday, 5th May 2015

08:30-09:00           Registration

09:00-17:00           Conference Day 1 (2nd JRC) at the Nordic House (

19:00-                     Conference Dinner at Hotel Føroyar (


Wednesday, 6th May 2015

09:00-16:40           Conference Day 2 (2nd JRC) at the Nordic House (


Drilling Volcanics Conference


Thursday, 7th May

09:00-09:30           Registration

09:30-15:45        Conference Day 3. Drilling Volcanics: Conference on drilling in basaltic provinces
Registration (09:00-09:30)


Titles from the Conference Programme


The 2nd JRC programme will include

Keynote Talks

1.      Freysteinn Sigmundsson, PhD (Nordic Volcanological Center, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland)
Rifting event and eruption in the Bárðarbunga volcanic system, Iceland: Segmented lateral dyke growth in 2014

 2.      Hans E.F. Amundsen, PhD (Vestfonna Geophysical A/S)
Faroe Islands geology as testing ground for Mars mission science protocols

 3.      Lotte M. Larsen, PhD (GEUS)
Radiometric dating of Tertiary magmatic events in the North Atlantic: challenges, improvements, and a refined correlation scheme

 4.      Morten Rishuus, PhD (Nordic Volcanological Center)
Construction of the Nornahraun lava field — an examination of changes in eruption style, mode of emplacement and flow field geometry during a long-lasting fissure eruption

 5.      Valentin Troll, PhD (Uppsala University)
Magma Plumbing of the Faroe Islands Basalt Group and other examples from the NAIP


Titles from the NAG-TEC Session (see more at

·        An Overview of the NAG-TEC Atlas Project

·        Presenting the new Volcanic Facies Map – And a look into the Complexity of the pre- and early volcanism in the North Atlantic

·        A new geochemical Data Base of the NAIP - NAGTEC

·        Exploring the Greenland-Iceland-Faroe Igneous Domain

·        Observed igneous processes and their effects on the Jan Mayen Microcontinent (JMMC), using geophysical data and kinematic modelling


Titles from the JRC Programme

·        A major unconformity between pre- and syn-rift volcanics in the Faroes and associated major changes of extrusion rate documented by palaeomagnetic and chemical data

·        A 3D photogrammetric study of Faroese cliff sections

·        Volcanic Stratigraphy inside the Low TiO2 Sequence of Parana-Etendeka Province in Brazil

·        The Antrim Lava Group, Northern Ireland: elucidating the timing and magnitude of fault movement in Cenozoic lava-filled basins

·        The First Evidence of Trace Fossils and Pseudo-fossils in the Interlava Volcaniclastic Sediments from the Faroe Islands

·        The onshore Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia: An analogue for the volcanically-affected Faroe-Shetland Basin

·        Volcanic development of the NE Faroe-Shetland Basin: insights from 2.6 km of volcanic rocks penetrated by the Lagavulin exploration well

·        Tindhólmur from a new perspective, challenging field work and world class geology

·        Temporal and spatial variations in mantle potential temperature within the North Atlantic Igneous Province

·        Palaeogene Alpine tectonics and Icelandic plume-related magmatism and deformation in Ireland – an update

·        Diverse modes of lava flow emplacement within the Neogene flood basalt pile in eastern Iceland

·        Geochemical stratigraphy of the basaltic lava succession in well 6401/21-1 offshore Faroe Island



The Drilling in Volcanics Conference will include following invited Talks


 Morning session talks

1.            Meinhard Eliasen, Mechanical Engineer, Oil and Energy, Jarðfeingi
Learnings from four wells in the Faroe Islands Basalt Group

 2.            Dr. John Millet, Geologist, Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research (VBPR)
Complications when drilling basalts: What’s the difference?

 3.            Palli Huusgaard, Ass. Supervisor Drilling Operations, D&W MU HPHT KVO, Statoil
The Brugdan Drilling Experiences

 4.            Alberto Caycedo, Product Engineer Manager, Europe, Smith Bits, Schlumberger
Optimizing exploratory drilling efficiency in hard rock

 5.            Ralf Duerholt, DART Technical Advisor, Baker Hughes Drill BitsA systems approach to drill volcanic rock


Afternoon session talks

6.            Dr. Jay Miller, Manager, Technical and Analytical Services, International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP)
Drilling subseafloor volcanics: Nearly 50 years experience with scientific ocean drilling

7.            Sigurður Sveinn Jónsson, Geologist, Íslendskar Orkurannsóknir (ISOR)
Geothermal exploration onshore Iceland

8.            Trygvi Árting, M.Sc. student Geology, Copenhagen University, on behalf of Jarðfeingi, LBF and MT Højgaard
Drilling tunnels in the Faroes

9.            Jana Ólavsdóttir, Geologist PhD, Jarðfeingi
Possible onshore well in the Faroes in the near future


Heri Ziska, Head of Geoscience Department Jarðfeingi, will close the conference with a brief summery of ideas and learnings presented at the conference



NAGTEC session
The Conference will also feature selected presentations from the new Tectonostratigraphic Atlas of the North-East Atlantic Region.
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