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JËANNES RASMUSSEN (1912-1992) may be considered as the father of geological science in the Faroe Islands. He was the first Faroese person with a university degree in geology, and his merits as a geoscientist are numerous. Together with his former tutor from the university, Prof. Arne Noe-Nygaard, he carried out the detailed mapping of the onshore geology of the islands, at a time when no detailed mapping of plateau basaltic terrains was performed elsewhere.

The map and associated memoir were published in 1969. He was the driving force in the foundation of the Faroese Geological Department (1952) and the Museum of Natural History (1955), both of which he subsequently was directed for several decades, while he was simultaneously heading the Faroese Department of the Geological Survey of Denmark, DGU.

One fundamental principle of Jˇannes was that knowledge on its own is worthless. It is only by using the knowledge actively and by sharing it with others that it becomes valuable. He was constantly busy with the distribution of his own knowledge and with making knowledge and skills accessible for others. Already during his student years in Copenhagen, he wrote a number of geological articles, and his overall portfolio of scientific literature is overwhelming. He chaired the Faroese Student Association in Copenhagen 1937-1944, was vice chairman of the Faroese association F°royingafelag 1938-1941, and the first editor of B˙gvin - a periodical for Faroese people in exile during the second world war.

After returning to the Faroe Islands in 1951 Jˇannes was chaired the association F°roya Nßtt˙ra – F°roya Sk˙li (The Faroese Nature – The Faroese School) 1952 - 1978. In 1952 he co-founded the Scientific Society of the Faroe Islands, F°roya Frˇ­skaparfelag, which he directed and co-directed for 25 years, during which he also acted as editor of the Faroese scientific periodical, Frˇ­skaparrit (Annales Societatis Scientiarum FŠroensis), and he was one of the driving forces in the establishment of the University of the Faroe Islands in 1965, where he taught geology and other natural sciences for many years while also teaching at several other institutions of education.

Jˇannes Rasmussen was appointed Doctor of Honour at the University of Copenhagen in 1979. After his official retirement from his position at the Museum and at DGU in 1980 he continued writing and teaching and was actively involved in several scientific projects. In 1981 he was honoured with the M. A. Jacobsen literature award for his book ěldir og Upphav.

The Jˇannes Rasmussen Conference is intended to be a forum for the distribution, use and sharing of knowledge and skills between people interested in geosciences, especially volcanology or those interested in the Northeast Atlantic Region.

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Jar­feingi welcomes you to the 2nd Jˇannes Rasmussen Conference (2nd JRC). The conference will be held 5-6th May 2015.
In extension of the JRC a one-day conference on Drilling Volcanics will be held 7th May 2015.
A pre-conference field trip around the islands will be arranged, and a possible post-conference field trip.

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The site is still under construction, and will be updated as more information is at hand.

2nd Jˇannes Rasmussen Conference
Evolution of Basaltic Provinces

The conference will be held in Tˇrshavn, surrounded by some of the youngest lava flows of the Faroe Islands Basalt Group, new observations and ideas shall be presented covering aspects of how basaltic provinces evolve during their lifetimes. During two days, oral presentations shall be given in a relaxed and informal atmosphere with ample opportunity for discussion. In addition, technical posters
shall be on display throughout the conference. The two days will be separated into four sessions, each with an invited keynote speaker. The following topics have been suggested for presentations, but this is not a definitive list and we welcome other suggestions:

◦ Emplacement Processes
◦ Origin of Large Igneous Provinces
◦ Timing of events
◦ Geochemical evolution

Drilling Volcanics
Conference on drilling in basaltic provinces

Jar­feingi will for the first time be hosting ‘Drilling Volcanics’ – a conference on drilling in basaltic provinces. The aim of conference is to provide a platform for drillers and engineers to share their knowledge from extensive experiences drilling through thick and complex volcanics.
The conference offers a series of quality presentations from key drilling experts and provides an oppertunity to learn from success stories as well as the less successful ventures of drilling on- and offshore through extensive layers of volcanics in basaltic provinces.
The conference provides oppertunities for participatants to exchange lessons learned with representatives from the hydrocarbon and geothermal exploration industry as well as research organisations - and hopefully establish a solid foundational knowledge on drilling in volcanic environments.

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